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There is no human deformity that causes an otherwise healthy skull to develop strange shallow eye sockets as seen in the Starchild Skull. In fact there is only one thing on the record that is even close, and that happening to the eyes of long haul astronauts, those who spend more than 100 days in zero gravity.


The changes in the eyes of astronauts is very minor compared to the Starchild, but theoretically it is possible that much longer exposure, for example the years required to travel the distance between solar systems even at light speed, could very possibly result in eye sockets exactly as seen in the Starchild Skull.


A NASA sponsored study found that many long haul astronauts will develop flatter eye balls, and that their optic nerves will swell. The Starchild's eye sockets are far too shallow to fit a normal eye ball safely, and artists recreating the face have found that only flattened eyeballs will fit.

The Starchild Skull has shallow eye sockets with the optic foramens, the holes where the optic nerve and blood vessles enter, in a different position than found in humans. Humans have cone-shaped eye sockets, the Starchild's are more scoop shaped. Humans have optic foramens at the back of the cone, in the deepest part of the socket, the Starchild has optic foramens near the bottom of the socket, and they are a different shape entirely.


BELOW: Human eye socket (left) compared to Starchild Skull eye socket (right)



In humans shallow eye sockets can be caused by a type of deformity when the bones of the skull grow together in the wrong way, a process called "abnormal fusion". This forces the brain to push against the back of the eye sockets, forcing it to become shallow. However, there is NO evidence of any abnormal fusion in the Starchild Skull. There was no pressure inside the Skull that could have caused the shallow sockets, a fact confirmed by various experts in a report on, and that you can confirm with your own eyes. If there was pressure inside the skull, the lines where the bone plates join would be the weakest points and would expand first. However, the Starchild Skull has a dent at one of these weak points. Internal pressure in this skull would be as impossible as blowing up a balloon and somehow leaving a dent in it. Simply not possible.



As incredible as it sounds, perhaps long term space flight is a credible explanation for these strangely shaped eye sockets, and the unusual eyes they must have held.

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