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Inside the bone of the Starchild Skull are microscopic fibers that are unlike anything ever seen on Earth. We discovered them when one of the bone samples was examined with a Scanning Electron Microscope at the Royal Holloway University in London. They seem to be part of the bone itself, and even though the bone was cut with a high speed bone saw, they have frayed instead of cutting cleanly. We think it is these fibers that give the thin, light bone of the skull its super strength.


Nothing like these fibers has ever been seen before in any bone, and we do not yet know what they are. Future tests may shed some light, but currently funding has not allowed for further study.

Skeptics suggest that these might be bacteria or fungus, but a group of Mycologists have already examined them and said they do not resemble any known fungus or bacteria.


Other skeptics suggest they are fossilized collagen strands, but no part of the Starchild Skull is fossilized, so this makes so sense. Others have suggested they are similar to Morgellon's fibers, but Morgellon's affects skin and soft tissue with fibers, but manifests in bone as crystal structures, and in any event these fibers are microscopic, whereas you can see Morgellon's fibers with the naked eye.


They could be a naturally occurring fiber in the bone, or they could be some sort of nanotechnology. Either way, they do not exist in human bone, have never been seen before in any bone on Earth, and they seem to be the most logical explanation for the thin, light bone being so difficult to cut with a bone saw.

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