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A Great Loss

Lloyd Pye was a great man. He inspired those around him to believe that even the most humble contribution made a difference, and that the seemingly insurmountable could be conquered. He often signed his books with the inscription "Nil Carborundum", Latin slang for "don't let them grind you down", and he lived by those words.

When an obstacle was put in his path he took great delight in finding a way around it, no matter how difficult it was or how long it took. He admired effort more than anything, and was the embodiment of “perseverance”. It was his dedication and belief in the potential of the Starchild Project that kept it going for the years it has taken to get where it is today.

Lloyd Pye passed away on December 9th, 2013, after a short and hard fought battle with cancer. Everyone at the Starchild Project knew and admired him, and we owe him a great debt for his years of hard and often thankless work. He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.

We are determined to continue the work he stared with the Starchild Skull, and to finally get the answers he sought.

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