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What happened to the DNA "Slides"?

Those of you who have been following the work of the Project for a while will remember that at the end of 2011 donations were solicited to purchase DNA testing equipment called "Slides". Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and help from Ray and Melanie Young, the funds were raised and the needed equipment was purchased. The genetics team volunteered their time to conduct the work needed, and have produced a large amount of raw DNA data from the samples.

This data is currently in a useless jumble waiting to be correctly decoded and organized, a large and difficult task for such unusual DNA. It is impossible to know exactly how much of the Starchild Skull's genome might be waiting in the raw data, but whatever the percentage, it will be an enormous step forward. The lab team have done everything they can without an injection of funding to allow them to access a high power computing system, a suite of DNA computing software programs, and the dedicated computer programmer needed to run the system.

To raise the funds needed to continue, the Project ran an Indiegogo Campaign that ended on January 11th, 2014, and raised over $10,000 toward our $75,000

goal. That goal is the amount needed to launch into the next phase of research: decoding the DNA we have already recovered. This would pay for lab time, lab staff, a dedicated computing system, sophisticated DNA decoding software, and a specialist programmer to allow the software to recognize the Starchild's unusual DNA.

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