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If you have looked at the rest of this site then you will understand why we think this Skull is something new to science, something important. We have accumulated a lot of compelling evidence to make this case, but the only thing that is going to convince the skeptics is DNA evidence. We at the Starchild Project are eager to get to the truth about the Skull, whatever that truth may be, and we need your help. Please consider making a donation. 

$12 is enough to pay for 1 hour of use of specialized DNA decoding software


$18 is enough to keep this website up for 1 month

$25 is enough to pay for upto 1 hour worth of the chemicals called "reagents" used in DNA testing


$65 is enough to pay for 1 hour on a DNA sequencer

$105 is enough to pay for 1 hour of work by a specialist lab technician


Not one single person at the Starchild Project gets a salary, we are all unpaid volunteers, so 100% of your donation goes to essential costs like secure storage of the skulls, keeping this website up, and paying for testing and research at independent labs.

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