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After death all bone marrow is consumed by bacteria present naturally in the body and the environment. The result is clean, empty bones, with no residue of any soft tissues. This natural process takes years, with bone marrow first becoming black and then slowly vanishing.


Yet inside the 900 year old bone of the Starchild Skull we can clearly see red resiude. This is not possible in human bone, and indeed the human control sample from another 900 year old skull found in the same loaction is absolutly 100% clean.


So what is this strange residue? Nothing inside any bone on Earth can escape being digested by bacteria, what is it about this substance that is somehow immune?


We believe the substance is native to the bone, it grew there and nothing has yet had the power to remove it. We don't know exactly what this substance is yet, but the most likely explanation is that it is bone marrow that somehow avoided all normal natural decomposition, even as other tissues around it were being destroyed.


Whatever it is, it should not be there, and the fact that it is only serves as further evidence that this being is not human, and possibly not from this planet.

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