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"Not for the Starry-Eyed: The Truth About the Starchild Skull" 1/29/2013 by Elizabeth Marglin for the Huffington Post. Marglin writes: "tests continue to corroborate the skull's uniqueness"


"Weird or What?", season 1, episode 9 "Ancient Mysteries", first aired on Discovery Channel then SyFy


"Weird or What?" with William Shatner, season 1, episode 9 "Ancient Mysteries", first aired 2010 on Discovery Channel


"MonsterQuest", season 4, episode 9 "Lizard Monster", first aired 2010

"UFO Hunters", season 3 episode 10, "The Grays Conspiracy", first aired 2009 on The History Channel


"Is It Real?", season 3, episode 6, "Ancient Astronauts", first aired 2006 on National Geographic Channel


"Richard & Judy" talk show, Lloyd Pye guested with the Starchild Skull in March 2003 on the Channel 4 (UK)


"Mystery of the Skulls", first aired 2002 on The Learning Channel (TLC)


Multiple appearances on "Your Turn with Kathy Fountain", the first aired in 2001 on FOX


"Extra" in the special "Best of UFO Segments of 1990s", first aired 1999 on CBS

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