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A Heartfelt Goodbye to Lloyd Pye

The Starchild Project has received many letters about Lloyd, and many kind and thoughtful emails. We want all of you to know that we appreciate everything that was sent to us, and while we cannot publish them all, we are grateful to Kevin James for giving us permission to post his letter here:

Collectively, we are in mourning for the heart-breaking loss of a brilliant mind and a great human being. Not only has the world lost one of its great thinkers but the project has lost its Lynchpin. Without Lloyd the SC would arguably still be sitting in a box in a garage in Texas, hidden from the public domain.

I have been spurred to write this missive as my conscience wouldn’t allow me to let this opportunity for the TRUTH to be forgotten and laid to rest along with Lloyd. Personally, I feel guilty that we let Lloyd carry the weight of the SC Project on his shoulders waiting for Him to break this into the mainstream, and now that he’s gone I realise We all let him down. That might get some of your heckles up and I’m pleased if it does, because it means you care. I think you should read this and take on board what I have to say. Do not underestimate the importance of the skull nor the role in history We can individually play as a collective TEAM.

I am not part of the Starchild Project team so I will firstly give you an insight into my background with the project and Lloyd:

I decided to attend a presentation Lloyd gave in 2003 in Glastonbury, UK having seen the skull presented on a mainstream TV show a few days before. I was generally skeptical about such things but my training as a palaeontology told me something was unique and special about this skull. I decided to attend out of curiosity more than anything. Although a skeptic I have always felt that it was highly unlikely that we are the only intelligent lifeform in the Universe. To cut this story short, I inspected the exact copy of the skull at length and was instantly convinced this was neither a deformity nor a human skull, but that it must be the skull of an intelligent humanlike creature (humanoid). I spoke with Lloyd after the presentation and exchanged emails. Over the years I struck up a great friendship with Lloyd, as did anyone who engaged with him. He was an interesting, captivating and thoroughly decent guy to know, as I’m sure you will agree. At some stages we exchanged emails on an almost daily basis. Whilst we didn’t always see eye-to-eye and my knowledge of his specialism wasn’t anywhere near as good as his, he was neither patronising nor sarcastic. He enjoyed teaching people how to be open minded and how to “consider the evidence and the facts” as presented before jumping on a bandwagon or just accepting what was taught by supposed experts. The most important thing I learned was that the mainstream was rigorously and cunningly protecting its paradigms, through the peer review process making it impossible for new models to break through or new paradigms to be tested, in effect science has become stale and is a broken and corrupt process following the same doctrines as religion of the middle ages.

Now here is the rub, the mainstream cannot deny DNA evidence, it is the fingerprint of all life on earth and supposedly the Universe. Whilst we can argue that the skull hardness, morphology, thickness etcetera all prove it isn’t human, the mainstream can easily ignore this through subterfuge and supposed experts telling the public it’s a deformity or a human mutation which failed, this is case closed. What they can’t do is argue the DNA evidence.

So where did Lloyd get us to when he hit the mainstream brick wall?

He hit “Paydirt” (his words). A geneticist who “considered the evidence and the facts” offered to shotgun test the skull DNA, and guess what?

He found DNA “Not of this Earth”. Victory….

So why, 3 years later has this project stumbled, why did Lloyd apparently fail?

Back to mainstream protectionism. The so called scientific community needs to see the whole genome otherwise we can all crawl back under the rocks from which we emerged. Without the genome they can fire any manner of crap at us leaving us “up the creek without the proverbial paddle”.

The cost to achieve the recovery and analysis of the full genome is incredible expensive. Lloyd believed he had enough evidence to sell the project as an investment to a forward thinking millionaire. He tried and failed. If I was a millionaire I’d have jumped at the chance as I’m sure you all would have done too. However, I have always felt that you needed a collective effort to propel this forward. Eventually, Lloyd started to come around to this way of thinking too, hence why I believe the plans moved on to start the current business of which Lloyd was one of the lynchpins. The rest is now consigned to history and the remaining team are adamant that they will complete Lloyd’s work. However, they can’t do this without us. We are the REAL team now; we are the reserves, the supporters, the ball boys and the backroom staff, all of which make the TEAM complete. This analogy will not be lost on those of you who knew Lloyd.

We can help make the difference and make up for letting Lloyd down when he was alive. I’m still saying this for a reaction!

He needed financial help on the Project over the years and it has generally only been a handful of us who have stumped up money. Lloyd always said that if everyone made a small donation the project would make “Leaps and Bounds”. The regular subscribers and followers of this project amount to over 1,000. If we could spare $10, $20, $50, $150 (or whatever we could afford) each, collectively we could get to the point where significant amounts of extra genome can be extracted reducing the extrapolation statistics and slowly but surely getting to the point where the SC will become the scientific discovery of the Millennium. We can all, collectively become part of this and change the course of human history and progression. I would like Us to collectively allow Lloyd and his work to live on, eponymously, so that the dedication he gave to the project over 14 years doesn’t die with him. His legacy should be significant because his legacy is the TRUTH.

He was meticulous in ensuring any research on the SC was carried out to the rules of the scientific mainstream community,” if you are going to play the game you have to play under their rules” he said, “no matter how much they abuse those rules themselves, we cannot”. They have ensured they have backed themselves into a corner by discovering DNA which is the key to life. We cannot and must not let this opportunity slip through our hands…

I urge you to support the current fundraising campaign, if you are under any doubt of the importance of this project don’t be. This skull is the real deal and its DNA could not only change the course of history but potential provide cures to human ailments including the one that killed Lloyd. Please, please follow your instincts and help!

I don’t like the way the world has been going, nor did Lloyd, our generation can change that and it is, “Us Few” who can change the course of history.

So here’s my rallying call:

“Never was so much been owed by so many to so few” (Winston Churchill) after the Battle of Britain in 1940, when Britain stood alone against the might of the Luftwaffe and Nazi oppression. The “few” were the Royal Air Force which was made up of British, Free European, Commonwealth and American pilots. They changed the course of history against overwhelming odds. We have the ability, as a collective, to do the same. Let “Us Few” take the fight to the mainstream, let’s make history together.

Goodbye Lloyd, thanks for bringing Us this far, we won’t forget you and we won’t let you down!

Kevin James

Devon, UK.

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