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Starchild Skull DNA Latest

DNA testing is currently on hold, but there have already been several DNA tests done on the Starchild Skull between 1999 and 2012. To make it easier to understand them we have reorganized how we show you the test results, which you can view HERE. If you just want the highlights, in 1999 the "B.O.L.D." lab ran several DNA tests on the skull, and after lots of attempts that failed due to contamination, they recovered a tiny amount of human DNA. Lloyd Pye did not trust this result in light of all of the contamination issues, so in 2003 he attempted to verify the result with a much more sophisticated lab, "Trace Genetics". Trace was not able to confirm the 1999 result (evidence that it was just a contamination and so the result should be dismissed), but they did find a small amount of completely different human DNA. It's complicated, but the amount and type of DNA that Trace recovered leaves open the possibility that the skull is not human. After all, humans share genes with chimps, frogs, and even plants. Both the 1999 test and the 2003 test were only looking for human DNA, any other DNA in the sample was ignored by the testing procedure.

In 2010 - 2012 an unnamed lab conducted some small scale tests that sought out all DNA in the sample, not just human DNA. This yielded some preliminary results (they need to be repeated and verified extensively-they are not final results) that found DNA very different from a human. We must stress that these results should not be treated as hard evidence yet, they need to be verified and we will attempt to do that as soon as funding is available, but if they are accurate then this skull simply cannot be human.

1999 TEST - 2003 TEST - 2010 TEST - 2011 TEST - 2012 TEST


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