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Seriously Skeptical

Lloyd Pye spoke often of the bias and fear that is built into the culture of mainstream science and academia, and it is probably that same sentiment that prompts skeptics to jump in with a negative opinion on the Starchild before they have all the facts. Dr. Ted Robinson, a highly qualified craniofacial surgeon, put his name on the record stating that he does not believe the Starchild Skull is a deformed human, and immediately the trolls pounced upon him. One even questioned his existence, which he refuted to great effect in an open letter, but it just goes to highlight the difficulties of working on a subject as extraordinary as the Skull.

Thankfully we have some very well informed supporters who fight these trolls head on. To make life as easy as possible for all of you working on our behalf, we have put together a list of all of the most common misdiagnosis the skeptics come up with, and the reasons that actual credentialed experts have given for why they don't fit the Skull.

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