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Over the years many, many people have supported the Starchild Project with time, expertise, and the financial contributions that have enabled research to continue on this fascinating specimen. Every single contribution to the Project is appreciated and respected, and this list sadly does not include every person who has made a difference. It does, however, include the amazing supporters of our 2013 Indiegogo fundraiser to support DNA sequencing and analysis of the Starchild Skull samples, and the people who made that campaign possible.




Leo Kivi Johannsen


"You want hard evidence? Here it is. Thanks Lloyd - and all who have helped show us what Starchild is. Now, tell everyone else!"
- Andrew Johnson


"To the memory of Lloyd Pye, courage in the face of adversity. Together we can snap Occam’s Razor because DNA never lies! Here's to a new paradigm."

- Kevin James


Jason Lemay and Tammy Organ


Dean Hurley and the team at


 Kate Gooch


Belinda McKenzie


Jerry Decker / Keelynet


Victor Ratz




Charlotte Thompson: In Memory of Carl G Reiber

Allen Gooch: Truth is always true regardless of belief or theory

"All truth is 1st ridiculed, 2nd violently opposed, and 3rd accepted as self-evident."

Nina Pye:"Nil carborundum" for Lloyd!

"For Lloyd Pye, who always seeks the truth."

"May the truth unfold"

Paul Brassard: Science will lead to the truth!

W.J. Smith: To advance the work that Lloyd Pye has nobly begun. RIP, Lloyd.

"To all who seek the truth: keep on searching, keep on digging."

Niko Lalangas: Forget regret or life is yours to miss.

 "SiriusDisclosure, ORMUS, NassimHaramein, KarenHudes, MaxKeiser, MaxIgan, UCC1"

Bernard Chu: We are not the only fish in the infinite ocean of space

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

"May closed minds be touched upon the possibilities of truth."

"Thank you, old friend, for building the bridge. Love, Granny" 

Chris Hagen (Charlotte, NC)

Michael Zwierzanski, UK

"Mummy knew then!" Alexandra & Tiger Freed


Justin Amen

Ewa from Poland:Success on your journey to uncover the truth.

“friendie”, Newcastle. Oz. 

"Mike and Maribeth Tummon in Australia support DNA analysis of Starchild Skull"

Elizabeth Eodelyn Jane: What is the meaning of the Starchild for humanity? 

Ruth Stansfield, Australia: Proud to be part of your dream, success will come.

Mitch DeCamp: With deep appreciation to Lloyd and everyone involved in this effort.

Steven Lacey: Disclosure in Progress, A Paradigm Shift in the Making

"It is Error alone, not Truth, that shrinks from inquiry."
Thomas Paine: Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.-Einstein

Aaron Raisey  



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